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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Aircon Unit?

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Aircon Unit?

After a long and busy day, it feels great to return home and slide into bed with the aircon switched on. But do you still feel uneasy?

Sometimes, even after switching on the air conditioner, something does not feel right, and you might be feeling uncomfortable or sweaty. It could be due to various reasons, and you might not feel the blast of cold air you enjoy so much.

When you find yourself questioning the efficiency of an aircon, it might need to be replaced. This might happen due to several reasons, and we will discuss them all in this article. If you face anything similar or see one or more of the below mentioned signs, then it may also require you to invest in a new device.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in!

7 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Aircon Unit

If you live in an area that is hot and humid, you will need an aircon in the house. In all probability, you are used to using it every night, and you would not want it to break down all of a sudden. So, if you see any of the following signs, it is best to look into it immediately.

Remember that if you wait till the device stops working completely, you might have to spend some nights without it and that might disturb the entire sleep cycle. Hence, we will recommend going through the points mentioned below carefully and, if needed, investing in a new option.

Blocked Ac Unit Needing Replacement

1. Reduced Cooling Power

Do you feel that the air that is coming out of your aircon is not cool enough? If so, you must initially try an air conditioning service and get them to do a clean-up. Once the clean-up has been done and after they have checked for basic issues, see if the issue has been resolved.

In case you’re still not satisfied with the coolness of the air on offer, it might be time to get the air conditioner replaced. There could be buildup inside the machine which cannot be easily cleaned or may not be accessible at all.

As a result, the aircon will become useless as it would be only consuming electricity without doing its job.

2. Building Up Of Moisture

While most air conditioners do create some amount of moisture, too much of it can be problematic. It may not be good for your health and can cause unwanted complications.

Leaks and moisture around your unit could indicate refrigerant leaks, which can cause serious health issues to all the members of the house.

Another major issue is the formation of mould, which could be caused due to moisture buildup. Your room can become a breeding ground of bacteria and fungus, and that would again be harmful, especially for people with breathing issues.

In such cases, we will recommend consulting an aircon service who can thoroughly check up the system. If something is repairable, then you may well opt for it as that would be a less expensive method. Otherwise, you will have to replace the unit with a new one.

3. Rising Utility Bills

Have you noticed that the utility bills keep rising although there has been no change in the usage of your air conditioning unit? This is a serious sign indicating that you need to replace it.

Once a unit is used for more than a few years, the efficiency starts decreasing and the machine has to work more to produce cold air. As a result, the performance starts to decline, and the consumption of electricity increases.

Remember that this would happen quicker if you have not adhered to the maintenance rules of your system. In case it has not been properly serviced and you have not cleaned in quite some time, you might have to get it replaced sooner than expected.

Furthermore, the utility bills can pile up, and you might end up spending hundreds of dollars for, well, practically nothing. Hence, if you see that the costs are increasing for no reason, it may be a good time to replace it.

4. Call For Services

Calling up technicians once in a while to check your aircon does not pose a problem. But do you find yourself reaching out to them too often? If that happens, you might be spending more time and money on services, and the unit might be a faulty one for all you know. And this is when you should think about replacing the older model with a new one.

In this regard, we will recommend getting a new aircon if your existing model is more than 10 years old. Since technological advances happen by the minute, the older model might be causing issues that cost a lot to repair. Plus, they could lead to inflated bills, as we already discussed above.

If you have renovated your house to increase the space, then you should definitely purchase a model with more cooling power. This is because electricians install devices based on the power requirement of the area.

If there has been new extensions to the same space, then the aircon would need to cover more area than before. Hence, you will need to invest in a larger capacity model that can cool the area. Otherwise, the room or space will not cool down as much as you would want it to.

5. Strange Noises

Do you hear strange noises coming from your system? While slight noises may not pose any problems per se, scraping or grinding sounds could be indicative of a major interior fault.

For example, a belt could have been displaced, or one of the bearings may have worn out and is now crashing against some other part. This could lead to your motor failing over time, and hence it is best to address the problem immediately.

So, we’d strongly advise contacting the customer service to book an appointment at the earliest. The problem could be resolved without requiring you to replace the machine. But if you leave it for too long, the machine may shut down completely, and the cooling power might decrease substantially.

This will, in turn, lead to discomfort and high electricity bills.The service providers will conduct a thorough check and inform you if a replacement is required.

6. Not Responding To Thermostat

When the device is functioning properly, it is supposed to respond to the thermostat. The thermostat determines if it should be turned on or off. But if the machine malfunctions, some parts of the house will not get cooled, and some people in your household may face a lot of discomfort.

The AC might not switch on at all at certain times or might keep switching on and off at irregular intervals. If these problems arise, then don’t delay getting in touch with a professional immediately as there could be a number of issues behind it. Only a professional service provider will be able to analyse the problem and offer the most effective solution.

7. Smell

At certain times, you might find a strange smell coming from the device. This could indicate that there is something wrong with the system, like mould growth, which is one of the main odour causing issues for aircons. If you notice any change in smell, immediately contact the company, and they should guide you with the cleaning process.

Person Replacing An Air Conditioning Unit

Is It Time To Replace Your Aircon?

A central air conditioner is supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and you need to replace it if it is unable to do that. You can call up the customer care representatives or look up the manual to know more about the longevity of your existing model.

But after a certain time, it only makes sense to replace it rather than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars for repair.

Not only will the latest models cool better, but they will also reduce energy consumption and bills. Plus, most companies will offer free servicing for up to a year, which is a great bonus.

On that note, we will take your leave. You can let us know about any other queries in the comment section below.

And always remember to prioritise your health in the long run!